Members of the World Seagrass Association are part of an international community who share an interest in seagrasses, their biology, conservation and management. If you are interested in becoming a member of our organisation please email us at: or register now.

Committee Membership

(stepping down December 2016)

President: Richard Unsworth
Vice-President: Mike van Keulen
Treasurer: Jessie Jarvis
Secretary: Len McKenzie
Immediate Past President: Giuseppe Di Carlo

Steering Committee

(to be reestablished in 2017)

Jeff Gaeckle (USA)
Jennifer Verduin (Australia)
Anitra Thorhaug (USA)
Masahiro Nakaoka (Japan)
Paul Erftemeijer (Australia)
Rob Coles (Australia)
Adriana Verges (Australia)
Leanne Cullen-Unsworth (Wales)
Siti Maryam Yaakub (Singapore)

Recent reports

You can read our recent reports and minutes from meetings and download other documents from a list of downloadable reports and correspondence.