Membership History

The idea for the association has its genesis in a keynote address by Professor Ronald Phillips at the Third International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW3) in 1998.

At ISBW4 (Corsica, 2 October 2000) the following members founded the World Seagrass Association.

 Founding Members
Miguel Fortes (Philippines) President
Frederick Short (USA) Vice President
Rob Coles (Australia) Secretary
Maria Cristina Buia (Italy) Treasurer
Diana Walker (Australia) Public Relations
Hitoshi Iizumi (Japan) Auditor
Evamaria Koch (USA) Member
John Kuo (Australia) Member
Silvia Ibarra Obando (Mexico) Member
Gerard Pergent (Corsica) Member
Len McKenzie (Australia) Member

The World Seagrass Association was then formally incorporated on 2 October 2002.

Miguel Fortes 2002–2004
Fred Short 2004–2006
Michelle Waycott 2006–2010
Giuseppe Di Carlo 2010–2014
Richard Unsworth 2014–present
Fred Short 2002–2004
Miguel Fortes 2004–2006
Fred Short 2006–2008
Jud Kenworthy 2008–2010
Richard Unsworth 2010–2014
Mike van Keulen 2014–present
Maria Cristina Buia 2002–2004
Len McKenzie 2004–2006
Gloria Peralta Gonzalez 2006–2008
Jane Mellors 2008–2010
Siti Yaakub 2010–2012
Jessie Jarvis 2012–present
Rob Coles 2002–2006
Len McKenzie 2006–present
 Immediate-Past President
Michelle Waycott 2010–2012
Giuseppe Di Carlo 2014–present
 Assistant Treasurer
Jane Mellors 2006–2008
Jane Mellors 2010–2012
Helen Taylor 2012–present