Evamaria Koch Student Travel Award Fund

History of the Evamaria Koch student travel award fund

Instituted in March 2014 after the passing of Professor Evamaria Koch.

Purpose of the Award

To honour Evamaria Koch’s lifelong and broad contributions to the knowledge and stewardship of seagrasses. Evamaria was an internationally respected scientist, a conscientious practicing environmentalist and passionate supporter of mentoring young seagrass scientists. Evamaria mentored a large number of students, masters and PhDs, and always dedicated herself to teaching both in the USA, Zanzibar and Brazil. Evamaria was a supporter of global science initiatives, believing in the need to establish collaboration across countries and continents.

Purpose of the Fund

Evamaria was a longtime supporter, member and contributor of the WSA. She participated actively in the governance of WSA, being a founding member of the Association and a Steering Committee member from WSA incorporation in 2002 until her passing in 2014. She always attended meetings and contributed to building the Association to what it is today. To honour her service, the WSA will use all funds contributed in memory of her to support student travel to attend biennial ISBWs. Any student, presenting or not presenting, will be eligible to apply for travel assistance to attend any ISBW.

Donations to the Evamaria Koch student travel award

You can pay here by PayPal or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), you choose the amount you’d like to donate.