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Dr. Jessie Jarvis: Seagrass in a changing environment

Dr. Jessie Jarvis on SeaWeb: http://www.seaweb.org/science/SeagrassesChanging.php

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Hot off the press: Seagrass Syllabus for resource managers

A new manual aimed at building knowledge and raising awareness of seagrass habitats has hit the shelves (well not literally)! The training manual, titled “Seagrass Syllabus” was developed by The World Seagrass Association and Seagrass-Watch in partnership with Conservation International. The Seagrass Syllabus is the first of a series of initiatives that the WSA is […]

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Seagrass symphony video

Thanks to Klemens Gann, the WSA would like to share this seagrass video from the Philippines. If you have video you would like to share, please let us know.   To access the video click on the link below, and Enjoy! Seagrass Symphony    

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World Oceans Day

Raising the voice for the world’s seagrass on World Oceans Day Seagrass meadows around the world continue to be under threat from the activities of humans. Over fishing, climate change, coastal development, extreme weather and poor land management are all contributing to the continued global loss of these diverse and productive marine habitats that are […]

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Seagrass in the global “Blue Carbon” initiative

By Miguel Fortes It is only very recently that the importance of protecting and restoring seagrass habitats has been clarified as a climate change mitigation strategy. Towards this end, Conservation International, IUCN, IOC‐UNESCO and partners are “building a program to coordinate and guide establishment of coastal ‘blue’ carbon as a conservation and management tool contributing […]

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