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ISBW9, Day 3

Hello from the land of a thousand smiles! It’s Day 3 here at the World Seagrass Conference 2010 in Phuket, Thailand and it’s been three days of very interesting talks and presentations (and yummy Thai food). We were really fortunate that the first day of our conference coincided with the Thai festival of Loy Kratong. […]

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WG65—Vegetation Network: Evolution and ecology of seagrass seed dispersal

During 8–11 December 2009, the Evolution and Ecology of Seagrass Seed Dispersal Vegetation Network working group brought together researchers with skills in evolutionary and population genetics, ecology and biology of pollination, seed dispersal and seedling recruitment, and hydrodynamic modelling to address the ecology and evolution of pollination and seed dispersal in seagrasses.  The network group […]

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The charisma challenge

How can we increase the profile of seagrass ecosystems? Some practical steps for communication. submitted by Tim Carruthers As seagrass scientists we take it as a given that: seagrasses form highly valuable ecosystems, and; seagrasses are threatened by nutrient and sediment inputs, resulting in large scale losses in many locations. The number of journal articles […]

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