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Securing a future for seagrass

Announcing publication of a World Seagrass Association special journal issue: Securing a future for seagrass, edited by Mike van Keulen, Lina Mtwana Nordlund and Leanne C. Cullen-Unsworth in Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 134, p 1-232 (September 2018). The 26 papers in this special issue present contemporary research across the spectrum of seagrass research, and cover four major […]

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Marine and Freshwater Research Special Issue—Translating Seagrass Science into Action

We are currently inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a Special Issue of Marine and Freshwater Research — inspired by the number of high quality presentations at the recent World Seagrass Conference and ISBW13, that was held in Singapore in June 2018. The theme of the issue follows the conference theme: Translating Seagrass Science into Action—and […]

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World Seagrass Day

After launching the World #Seagrass Day petition this morning we already have more than 20 signatories, before the end of @ISBW2018 and #WSC2018 we should have at least ten times more than that. Please lend your support and reach out to your networks. Learn about the global campaign for World Seagrass Day now.  

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